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Are you familiar with Zenith Watches? If not, you should be. Zenith watches are not made by the same company as the television sets:

Zenith has taken some flak in recent years because they’ve gotten too big and gaudy for some people’s tastes… especially since they cost quite a bit.

Some might come to the conclusion that since some models look a bit “Extreme” and “Defy” convention too much that Zenith is on the same level as brands like Invicta (whom I have nothing against) with their Subaqua Noma watches,

red subaqua noma

Invicta Men’s Subaqua Noma III Reserve – Red Dial $219.00

Or maybe Stuhrling,

Stuhrling Original Men's Exclusive Trekker Sportsman Swiss Chronograph Black Dial Watch $315.99

Stuhrling Original Men’s Exclusive Trekker Sportsman Swiss Chronograph Black Dial Watch $315.99

In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Zenith is a manufacturer (manufacture) of high end watches and movments and their big claim to fame is the El Primero movement:

This movement used to be put in the Rolex Daytona and if that’s not proof of quality, I don’t know what is.

The El Primero movement is somewhat unique in the watch world because of the way it tracks time in chronograph mode. Instead of the center second hand going around once per minute, it travels around the dial once per 10 seconds. As a result, whenever the chronograph is stopped after starting it, the center second hand reads the 10th of a second reading on the scale around the dial. Not quite as impressive as the Tag Heuer Mikrograph I did a video about here, but quite a nice piece indeed. The El Primero watch has a 36,000 Vph (vibrations per hour) escapement and that is what allows for the way the second hand moves. If you divide 36,000 Vph by 60 minutes, you get 600 vibrations per minute. Divide that by 60, the number of seconds in a minute, and you get 10 vibrations for every second. This precision is what allows the central second hand to stop on the 10th of a second mark whenever the stop button is pressed.

Additionally, it is a very precise and smooth movement. The El Primero movement is in a number of Zenith watches ranging from Extreme to conservative and if you can afford one is worthy of consideration.

Watches from Zenith:

zenith collage

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