Your Budget

There are amazing watches that you can own for $100.00,  $1,000,000.00 and everywhere in between. You want the best watch you can get for YOUR budget, Right? Whatever you do, DON’T give up on owning a watch you love just because of price. Why? The great thing about the watch world is that although there are a lot of unique timepieces, there are also a lot of watches that mimic or are inspired by other, more expensive and classic watches. For example:

IWC Vintage Collection Ingenieur Automatic Mens Watch IW323301

Here’s an example of a watch that costs nearly $6000. IWC Vintage Collection Ingenieur Automatic Mens Watch. IWC makes amazing products that we recommend if you can afford them; this is obviously a very high end watch but the beauty of the watch world is that you can get the style of a high end watch but at a very affordable price. check out the next one below…

Raymond Weil Tradition Mens Watch 5576-ST-00207

This watch, by Raymond Weil, is not exactly the same design as the IWC above. However, the style is very similar and priced at under $600.00. Both watches are elegant, stainless steel with leather band watches of very high quality. To many people, a six hundred dollar watch is VERY expensive, though. Perhaps a watch in a lower price range is even better for some:

Tissot PR50 Quartz Mens Watch T34.1.421.53

Now, let’s say that a watch of similar style is desired, but for a very affordable price. Consider the Tissot PR50. This is a Swiss made quartz watch, again in the classic stainless steel case with black leather band for just a little more than $100 dollars!

Here is another example of similar watches in different budget ranges:

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Steel Mens Watch 14060-M
Here is another pair of watches that look very similar but are priced VERY differently: On Left, Rolex Submariner for around $5800.00 and the Invicta Pro Diver with coin edge bezel on the Right for around $100.00

Invicta Speedway Mens Watch 9211

While We’re comparing classic styles at different prices, compare this Invicta “Speedway” watch ($150.00) to it’s inspiration: The Rolex Daytona! ($11,000+)

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona Mens Watch 116509-SAO

The above examples show that there are a lot of great watches at all price ranges but we’re not saying that all watches at different price levels are equal. More expensive watches will carry a higher level of status, and high end watches might hold value and become family heirlooms or collector’s items. On the other hand, it might be more fun to own several less expensive watches rather than one expensive watch. The first consideration, though, is, “What can I afford to spend?” Once you decide what you can afford, buy what you like within that range. If you find a watch you like that’s too expensive, you can look for a similar watch in your price range. One way to do this is to look at the characteristics of watch types, then search for one with those characteristics from a brand that’s more affordable. Now, let’s look at the “Your Needs” section to consider what KIND of watch to buy.

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