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Why should you buy your next luxury watch online?

Please stay tuned for the following editorial comment: Are you aware that many watch manufacturers have rules against selling their watches online? Some even prohibit their dealers from selling watches at below retail cost or even selling used watches! At, we think this is unfair. Say, for example, you want to buy a car. If you want to buy a Ford or Chevy on Ebay Motors, you don’t expect to have a problem with that. However, what if you want to buy a Mercedes Benz, or a BMW or even an exotic car like a Lamborghini? Would it be right for the manufacturers of those products to say you can ONLY buy them from Authorized dealers in person? How about if you own a car already, and you couldn’t trade that car in at your local dealership? When a manufacturer tells it’s dealers that they are not allowed to sell used products, that effectively means they cannot buy them from you, even if you’re looking to trade up! If you’re looking for watches online, you probably agree that people should be able to buy and sell products to one another online as long as the products themselves are legal. Maybe you’ve noticed that you can buy Cadillacs, Maseratis, Porches, and many other vehicles brand new on Ebay. The dealers of those products obviously feel they should be allowed to sell online and many buyers agree. With that in mind, It is smart to buy high end watches, both new and used, online.
Let’s consider for a few moments why watch manufacturers might not like this practice.


Watches can be and regularly are faked so there is a potential hazard to the buyer. You’re never going to have a situation where you think you’re buying a Dodge Viper only to realize later when you take it to the dealership for service that it is in fact a Dodge Neon in disguise, but this COULD potentially happen if you buy what you think is a Rolex or Omega or Hublot watch online. OK, so there’s something to be careful about. For info about buying replicas or how to avoid accidentally buying them, GO HERE


If you’ve decided to buy high end watches online, then you’ll save money compared to buying at retail prices. Some manufacturers hate this, because they want to control the prices of their products. This may or may not be fair business practice but one thing is true: superior quality products will cost more than inferior products and you can’t fault the manufacturers for that!


Local dealer support; many manufacturers may feel that it is the “right” way to do business to support local dealers by requiring that their products only be sold locally. The support of local dealers is a good thing, as is having support for the watch owner from local dealers. On the other hand, what about the lesser known brands that have little or no local dealers? Why should the customer be able to buy online for some brands and not others?


Image. It may be feared that buying online tends to lower the “Image” of an established brand or at least cause an equalizing effect. There are many products out there that although they are of very high quality, the only way you’re going to learn they exist is by shopping online. It is in the best interests of the better known manufacturers who spend a lot of money on traditional advertising to have you, the customer, believe that newer, lesser known companies are inferior. Our recommendation is to judge for yourself and not allow brand image to affect your decision.

So, what does all this mean for you?

Ask yourself this question: “If I want to spend MY money on an expensive timepiece, should the manufacturer have the right to require me to travel a long distance to do so?” Why is it fair that you should have to travel hundreds or thousands of miles to buy a watch? For the more exclusive brands with dealers only in major cities, that is effectively what happens for those who live in areas of lower population. If you’re still reading, it’s probably safe to assume that YOU want to buy watches online. So, now we’ll try to put it all together for you:

Here Is One Way To Shop:

Say you identify a watch you want to buy. Once you decide on a brand and model, then you need to shop for the place you want to buy from. For this discussion, let’s consider prices for an Invicta 8926 Pro Diver:

invicta coin edge pro diver watch
(Scroll Down for an example of a higher end watch)

If your primary consideration is price, then you’d go with for this watch, which would be a great choice. However, there are a few things to consider when deciding where to buy:

    1) Do they have what I want? This point is important because sometimes online watch dealers will list a watch model but have that particular model out of stock. This is understandable, though, since even local dealers usually only have a sampling of watches. In fact, it’s not unusual for online dealers to have a selection vastly greater than local dealers!
    2) What is their return policy? If a liberal return policy is important to you, you may not want to go with the cheapest company.
    3) How long have they been around, particularly when it comes to selling watches? If you need support after the sale, you would be better off buying from a company that has been selling watches for some time that you are pretty sure will be around a while. Buying from an individual might net the best price, but without any warranty support.
    4) Do they offer perks like sizing service or shipping deals?
    5) Do they have a price guarantee? Just because the price that’s initially offered is a little higher doesn’t mean you can’t get a better price. While it may be a little added hassle to get a price match on a watch you want to buy, it would be less hassle than buying multiple watches from different dealers to get the best price on each one. Remember, some dealers may have the best price on one watch while another dealer will offer the best price on a different one.
    6) Keep in mind this little secret: Some dealers sell through both their own sites AND sites like ebay or Sometimes that same dealer will have a cheaper price through those sites in order to sell more products and be competitive!
What if you want a higher-end watch that is harder to find?

An example of a great watch that you can buy online but from a smaller selection of dealers is this one:

Blancpain Villeret Single Pusher Mens Watch 6185-1127-55B

Blancpain Villeret Single Pusher Mens Watch

Possibly you already tried to buy this watch online only to find that most websites for watch retailers are advertising for local sales in person only. Again, we ask, “Why should you have to travel to buy a great watch?” If you locate a dealer in Boston or California, and you live in Ohio, is that just too bad for you? (Click on the watch image to the left to buy it at - Where Luxury Costs Less

To Summarize:

Some websites exist for the purpose of advertising local jewelers and watch dealers who will only sell in person. When you want to buy a watch online, go to a watch website that exists for the purpose of advertising an online only business. You can shop several online watch stores at the same time in our watch super store.
1) Decide your budget,
2) Decide which watch you want,
3) Look at Online Dealers and buy from the dealer that offers the combination of price, selection, and service that’s best for YOU!

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