Do it yourself watch repair… don’t eat your soup with a fork!

Having the right tools is a necessity!

soup fork

If you own one or several watches, chances are good that at some point you’ve wanted to resize your watch bracelet, replace a bent springbar, change the band, or replace a battery yourself.
Using the wrong tools for this purpose can either be very frustrating or very damaging to your watch!

jackhammer rolex

So, the best thing to do if you’re CERTAIN you want to work on your own watch is buy a watch toolkit:

Here are a few sets:

This one is less than $8.00 (click to buy)
watch toolkit 1

This one is less than $20.00
watch tools 2

And this one is less than $70.00 for a decent quality brand, Paylak
watch tools 3

While many reputable jewelers will perform these services for you, If you’re the type to change the oil in your car or you love to cook or make things, you may enjoy doing adjustments on your watches. If so, get a kit and have fun!

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