Corum Golden Bridge Automatic… The $30,000 Shake weight?

The shake weight:

shake weight collage

Made fun of, spoofed and embarassing to use in front of others, the Shake weight is now a household name in the U.S.

Maybe you own one, maybe you don’t, but I think buying one would be as embarrasing as buying contraceptives.

If you’re wanting the benefit of the Shake Weight without the associated embarrasement, consider the Corum Golden Bridge Automatic:

corum golden bridge

Even though Corum has not announced the price of this particular iteration, I’m guessing it will be more than the non-automatic versions, which go for around $15,000.00 or more.

corum golden bridge back

The original Corum Golden Bridge movement was introduced in 1980 and has been very highly regarded in the watch world ever since… Now for 2011 Corum is introducing a version with a linear automatic winding mechanism:

Corum golden bridge movement

This mechanism is unique in the world of horology and will be available in limited quantities, at only 130 pieces in red gold and 70 pieces in white gold.

Will you want to exercise with this watch? Perhaps switching wrists hourly to balance the physical effects on the biceps from wearing this piece? Not likely. Although moving in a linear fashion, the platinum weight in the movement only weighs 4 grams and oscillates back and forth 1 cm. Corum chose platinum for the weight as it is a very heavy precious metal and maximizes the effectiveness of the weight and creates the energy needed to wind the movement.

Friction is an enemy in any watch movement, but especially in this one as a linear motion transferred to circular motion is somewhat less efficient than a circular one transferred to another circular motion. In order to overcome this mechanical disadvantage, the rails that the weight “rides” on are made of teflon coated steel to allow the weight to slide more efficiently while the direct contact of the weight to those rails is made of beryllium copper also designed to minimize friction. The winding system encorporates a reverser to make sure the movement winds one way only and is wound with each movement of the wearer. The winding mechanism also features ceramic ball bearings which means that lubrication is not necessary – yet another friction reducing effort. Also, in the picture to the left, notice the little “bumpers” at the ends of the rails to absorb shock when the weight reaches the ends.

Corum golden bridge movement front

A few more facts about the movement: 194 parts, 40 hour power reserve, and 28,800 vph movement. 26 jewels, plate and bridges made in 18kt Gold with guilloche decoration. 30m (99 feet) water resistance.

To accommodate this new movement, which is larger, the new watch case will also be larger than predecessors at 37.2 x 51.8mm and is slightly curved for wrist comfort.

One of the cool features of this watch is the fact that the case features 4 antiglare coated crystals, one on front and back, and one on each side, to really showcase the movement. You can see the movement from many directions and the parts of this movement are amazingly decorated by hand. The case, movement, and buckle on the crocodile strap will be made of the same color gold depending on which is chosen by the buyer, again in either red or white gold.

The automatic Golden bridge is very exclusive but if you’d like to buy a manual wind version, check out these links:

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