Bulova Precisionist: a new one for the must-have list!

Have you heard of the Bulova Precisionist collection yet?

I think these watches are very impressive. If, on one end of the scale, you wear a watch purely for utilitarian purposes, or on the other end of the scale wear one more for the status, then the Precisionist watches may not appeal to you. After all, ultra precision watches are not really necessary for day to day use, and the Precisionist watches are too new to have gained the kind of name recognition brands like Rolex enjoy, for example.
If, on the other hand, you wear analog watches because they make you feel more in “tune” with the passing of time, and you appreciate the wonderful sweeping second hand of a mechanical watch, the Precisionist watches may be something that gives the kind of thrill you got when you first beheld an iPhone (or iPad, more recently.)

What is the Precisionist? Bulova claims that the precisionist is the most accurate watch in the world, and it’s because of the unique quartz technology they use; Instead of utilizing the two prong quartz crystal most watches do, they utilize a 3 pronged quartz crystal that makes the watch movement stay accurate for two reasons: 1)temperature resistance, and 2)vibration consistency. This is achieved because the vibration of the crystal is 8 times faster than conventional quartz crystals. 8 times faster means a frequency of 262.144 kilohertz, and Precisionist movements offer the highest vibrational frequency available in any watch today. This very high (for watches, not computers) frequency diminishes the effect of temperature fluctuations and produces extraordinary precision. While most quartz watches are accurate to 15 seconds a month, Bulova Precisionist watches are accurate to an astounding 10 seconds PER YEAR!

I remember when I was a kid and I learned that what makes a Rolex cool was the fact that Rolex watches have second hands that don’t “tick” I later came to understand that lots of watches have this characteristic but what makes the Precisionist watches unique is that they have a second hand that beats 16 times per second. As a result, the continuous motion of the Precisionist second hand is more fluid than any mechanical watch made as these have second hands that only beat 8 to 10 times per second!

  • The Precisionist watches are available in 4 different style groups:

    Champlain – a rugged, sport watch with 300m water resistance and a 46.5 mm case, these come in both titanium and stainless steel versions and also feature a carbon fiber dial.

    Claremont – a classy dressy style watch with either a leather strap or stainless steel bracelet, 316L stainless steel construction, and a nice 44mm size.

    Longwood – sounds like a western name but very art-deco styling. 42mm stainless steel case and either stainless bracelet or leather band, and an optional diamond marker version.

    Tanglewood – a beautiful and very feminine watch with a mother of pearl accented dial, 32mm case, and either a bracelet or strap option. these watches feature a diamond treatment on both sides of the dial with a graduated size that looks quite delicate and beautiful.

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